Team Norde Gard, also known as the Northern Guard was formed in the summer of 2006 by former participants of historical reenactment groups, commited to maintaning and passing on historical tradition. At that time our goal was to reenact the X-XIth century mercenaries. We have been through ten successful years since then.

The main activity of our team is to introduce the X-XIth century's European history, in addition to reenacting the history of the Carpathian basin in the VIth century. In the former case, we are focusing on the fighters of the Kievian Russ, the Vikings and the bodyguard of St. Steven the First. In the latter case, we would like to introduce the culture and the fighting tactics of the Germanic tribes residing in the Carpathian basin, especially those of the Gepids and the Longobards, to the public. We also reenact the ancient Germanic tribes. We would like to offer a first hand eperience to the public of the every day life of these people. There are several archeologists on our team and many of us have a professinal interest in the era we represent. We do our best to make our equipment and our performances as authentic as possible. Our team has acted in several American, Austrian, Canadian and British movies and documentaries.

We have received a lot of support for our work from the following museums: the Budapes War History Museum, the Aquincum Museum, the War History Institute and the ”Matrica” Museum and Archeology Park. We would aso like to thank several teachers and students of the Arts Faculty of ELTE University for their support.