Historical Background

There were some major changes in the history of the Carpathian Basin in the X-XIth centuries. The Hungarian state was founded a bit earlier, which put the peoples of the Carpathian Basin under central rule. This also rendered the Christian church increasing power and estebalished the presence of the Hungarian Kingdom in Europe.

The ruler of the Kingdom, St Steven the first, modelled his kingdom on Western and Bizantine states terefore his body guard corps was comprised of Viking and Vareg fighters. These fighters were the cream of the crop ofthe time and often found service in royal courts. These northerners were the best equipped and best paid fighters of the era. They also served as Count Imre's body guards. Contemporary sources cite Imre as Dux Rusiorum, which meant that he was the count of the Rus, the leader of Viking fighters in the East.

Our team reenacts these northern fighters and introduces their way of life and culture with a special emphasis on their arms and fighting tactics